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The New Enhanced CPD

Up until August 2018, Dental Care Professionals were required to complete verifiable and non-verifiable CPD.

Under the new GDC scheme, DCPs are required to complete only verifiable CPD in line with their field of practice and the GDC standards for the dental team.

What are the benefits of completing continual professional development in this way? Why did the GDC make the change?

Well, your field of practice is unique to you, you are a professional in your own right, so why not complete CPD that is also unique to you.

We all have our own unique skill sets, work settings and patients. That is why the GDC made the change so that you can design CPD activity to suit your professional needs.

So why did the GDC set the new scheme in line with the GDC standards for the dental team? CPD is not only meant to benefit you but also your patients. Being a professional means that you conform to a set of ethical standards, what better way to demonstrate this to patients than by implementing the GDC standards into your CPD activity, but you might ask how will this benefit my patients when they don't see me completing CPD.

Patients may not see you completing CPD activity however what you learn or reaffirm you can demonstrate within your practice as a professional so that patients know that you care, want to provide them with safe, welcoming and committed services.

So embrace the changes and develop your CPD activity in a way that suits you. Enjoy your learning, make it work for you and your patients.


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