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The Personal Development Plan

The New Enhanced CPD is now in operation. Under the new scheme, you are required to have a personal development plan.

What is a PDP? A PDP is a plan that enables you to think about how you can develop your knowledge and skills.

The GDC sees the new scheme as a way for you to complete CPD activity that is more applicable and meaningful for you.

A PDP helps you identify what your learning needs are and how you are going to maintain these learning needs.

It is for your personal use, related to your field of practice.

Tips on completing your PDP


S- Specific -Who? What? The benefit will this have on my work?

M- Measure - What? Development outcome does it link to, How? Will it meet your learning and maintenance needs?

A- Achieve - Where? How? Are you going to achieve your CPD activity?

R- Relevance - Why? How? Is it relevant to your field of practice?

T- Time - When? Will you complete the activity?

>Analyise your field of practice


S - Strengths - what are you good at doing?

W- Weakness - what areas need improvement?

O- Opportunites - what is going to help you achieve your goals?

T- Threats - what may prevent you from achieving your goals?

>Talk to a peer or manager on that they think your development needs are.


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