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Meet The Team


Louise Yeates 

Louise is the best mentor you could ever have dreamed of having. 

She is caring and ambitious and will help you when you are at your lowest, and she has over 18 years of experience.

Louise loves her walks along the beach with her family and days out at the beach hut.


Karen Barber

Karen is truly excellent; she has a wealth of knowledge and dedication. She has worked for over 40 years in dentistry; she knows her stuff and enjoys sharing. 

Karen enjoys a good holiday and a glass of wine.


Jo Crossman 

Jo is great, caring, kind and passionate about oral health care and her a role as a hygienist and has worked in dentistry for over 18 years. 

Jo loves her family and is an amazing mum of four. 


Saffron Mead

Saffron is a real gem, full of life. 

She has been working in dentistry for over seven years and is very supportive and encouraging. 

Saffron likes to travel and walk barefoot in the streets. 


Maddie Woodhams 

Maddie is amazing, and full of kindness.

Has been working in dentistry since 2019 and

will always give you a helping hand when you need it most. 

Maddie enjoys travelling and spending time with her family and loves to have snuggles with her cat Gretel.


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