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Diploma in Dental Nursing

NEBDN Fully accredited National Diploma in Dental Nursing.

Our aim is to provide a personalised learning experience to achieve your qualification in a way that best suits your learning style.

The purpose of this course is to prepare trainee dental nurses in the fundamentals of dental nursing to give you the knowledge, skills and professional behaviours to register as a dental care professional with the GDC. 


The GDC General Dental Council regulates dentists and dental care professionals in the UK, sets dental standards, and holds a register of qualified dental professionals. 

The course follows the full NEBDN curriculum and complies with the GDCs Preparing for Practice. 


The course is taught by Louise Yeates who is a registered Dental Nurse with over 21 years of experience, helping you every step of the way. 


The curriculum is set out in Modules mapped against the GDC Preparing for Practice Learning outcomes. 

The Learning Modules 

Module 1: Professionalism and the Role of the Dental Nurse 

  • Scope of Practice 

  • Professionalism 

  • Duty of Care 

Module 4: General, Dental and Regional Anatomy

  • Major systems of the human body 

  • Salvia 

  • Anatomy Head and Neck 

  • Nerve supply

Module 7: Assessment 

  • Types of assessment 

  • Treatment planning 

  • Radiography 

  • Radiology 

Module 10: Minor Oral Surgery 

  • Extractions

  • Minor oral surgery procedures 

Module 2: Health and Safety

  • Health and Safety 

  • Infection Control- Microorganisms 

  • Infection Control- Decontamination 

Module 5: Oral Disease

  • Oral Disease 

  • Caries 

  • Periodontal Disease 

Module 8: Restorative Dentistry

  • Cavity Preparation 

  • Materials 

  • Endodontics 

  • Fixed prostheses 

  • Removable prostheses 

Module 11: Pain and Anxiety Control

  • Anxiety control 

  • Pain control 

Module 3: Dealing with Medical Emergencies

  • Medical History 

  • Medical emergencies 

  • First Aid 

Module 6: Prevention of Oral Disease

  • Introduction to Health Promotion 

  • Practice Oral Health Promotion 

  • Preventive Treatments 

Module 9 Child Dental Health  

  • Patient Management 

  • Paediatric Treatment 

  • Orthodontics 

The Exams 

  • Part 1 - Online Written which consists of multiple choice and extended multiple choice questions 

  • Part 2 - Online OSCE a multi-station Objective Structured Clinical task, identify areas such as instruments, anatomy and key steps in processes or giving advice or an explanation.

Workplace assessments 

The course also includes a practical training element known as Record of Experience (RoE) and you will need the support of your employer to be able to complete this effectively. 


The records of experience are work based assessment to confirm your ability to practice safety and competently during a range of clinical activities. 


Unit 1 - Preparing and Maintaining  the Clinical Environment, Sterilisation Process​​​​​​​, Disinfection of Impressions​​​​​​​, 


Unit 2 - Assisting with Preventive Treatments 


Unit 3 - Clinical Assessments, Assisting in the Taking and Processing of Radiographs​​​​​​​


Unit 4 - Cavity Restoration, Endodontic Procedure, Fixed Prosthesis Procedure, Removable Prosthesis Procedure


Unit 5 - Extraction Procedure, Local Anaesthetic Procedure


An EmbraceDNT personal tutor will support you through the records of experience. Meet the Team 

Learning Methods

We offer two types of a blended learning programme


Option 1

Flex blended learning - online E-learning to take you through the core learning material with 1:1 instructor support virtual meetings.


Option 2 

Enriched virtual blended learning - online scheduled Instructor-led virtual classroom session, either 1:1 or small-group to take you through the core learning material with 1:1 instructor support virtual meetings.

Both options give you a flexible and personalised learning experience, tailored to your needs.

Course requirements: Before the formal training with us begins you need to be employed as a trainee dental nurse 

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